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The girl wandered further into the story, and, like any tale it twisted what the girl knew to be one way, and turned it to be quite another, Dark became darker, Waters rose higher, Too high, Too fast.

Then through it she heard a stranger’s voice say “You know you can walk on this water, right?”

“I can walk on water?” she said.

The stranger replied, “It’s your story, make it up. Make it so.“

“Well, let’s walk then’ said the girl. ‘Let’s get our feet wet.” And she beckoned the Mist to follow her so they could blaze a trail to the place where anything happens if you make it so.

As Hoj and Lee Burridge began to write the first page of the story that would become Tale and Tone, they heard a song from Daso and Lutz that only reaffirmed their need to create the new platform. They knew instantly that they had to sign it, even before the imprint officially came to fruition, as it stood as a perfect embodiment of their eclectic tastes.

Daso and Lutz’s title track De Libbe, which features the delicate, worldly voicings of Arooj Aftab, is exemplary of Tale and Tone’s focus on using aural storytelling to showcase a wide range of sounds. De Libbe’s warm reflective groove and stirring vocals twist together with tasteful intimacy as Daso and Lutz’s mastery of sonics and soundscapes are perfectly complimented by Arooj’s seductive melodies.

Daso completes the rest of the EP with Northmorph and Ly, a pairing of tunes that are equally as deft as they are sultry. While Northmorph builds, Ly conveys patience. By weaving through subtle melodies, expertly crafted percussion, and passionate atmospheres, Daso artfully crafts an EP aimed to keep dancefloors moving.

All in all, an inspired and inspiring package from Daso – well fit for the third installment of Tale and Tone’s illustrative release calendar.

Release Date: November 3th, 2017


  1. Daso – De Libbe (feat Arooj Aftab)
  2. Daso – Northmorph
  3. Daso – Ly
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