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After releasing on ELEVATE and Reload Black, David Bau’s latest outing on VOLTAGE, is a huge bomb EP consisted of 3 amazing techno tracks designed to bring mayhem to the floor.

 Mexican rising star David Bau debuts in Voltage with a huge and punchy EP. With his hype on a steady and constant growth he returns to the techno world with 3 super big original tunes, that underline what the genre is all about.

Unorthodox seqs, clever drones, deep kicks and crystal clear percussions, ‘Unkeybordinated’, the first track of the EP signifies that David has accepted VOLTAGE’s challenge to push himself even further and deep-dive into the darker core of our Label’s style.

‘Phenomabomb’ the second track of this release, is by far darker and more intense, characterised by a deep and punchy bassline and groovy percs leading to an wide and melodic drop, giving an analog feel to his arrangement.

‘Pitfall’ is chaotic, wide, deep, almost experimental! It is a typical 6 A.M. track that sounds quite a lot like a studio jam that found its way towards final arrangement.

Underlined by his characteristic electrifying sound, ‘Unkeybordinated’ EP is consisted of three real bombs, typical of the Voltage fundamental sound.

Release Date: August 14th, 2017


1. Unkeybordinated
2. Phenomanbomb
3. Pitfall

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