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Variety is the spice of life they say and, well, Mathias Kaden and his excellent Muna Musik imprint have lived by that saying since the labels inception. Four releases to date all featuring tracks from a plethora of talent. DJ W!ld, Timo Maas, Dapayk Solo, Sascha Dive, Daniel Stefanik, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts, dOP & more have featured.

‘Muna Musik 005’ presents another esteemed group of artists and another selection of fine music. Mathias talks us through the tracklist…

Cassy’s ‘Running’ – It’s actually crazy that we’ve got 5 releases deep before we’ve welcomed our first female artist to Muna Musik. I am so proud to welcome our longtime friend and universal analogue queen Cassy to the family with her new track ‘Running’. She has created a dark techno number with each and every specific element working to maximum effect, and for sure her beautiful and unique vocal to top it off!

Andre Butano & Aldo Cadiz’s ‘Consommer‘ – Our friends and groove masters Andre Butano & Aldo Cadiz from Santiago de Chile have crafted the most ‘four-to-the-floor’ track on the EP. ‘Consommer’ is a special tech cut that explodes very late and yet in perfect time, following its amazingly tense and spinning build up.

David Mayer’s ‘Moonlock’ – Following our Muna Open air party in 2016, we asked the Keinemusik crew if they might be able to create a track that could describe the 5 hours set they played! A few months later David Mayer sent us this melodic monster. A track that i’m certain we’ll be hearing all summer long!

Alejandro Mosso’s ‘Rayuela’ – Best known for his melodic music, Alejandro has gone against the grain for Muna Musik to produce possibly his most stripped track ever. The Argentinian’s ‘Rayuela’ is a funky, trippy, happy tune and perfect for us! We are so proud to finally have him on board.

Release Date: June 2nd, 2017


1. Cassy – Running
2. Andre Butano & Aldo Cadiz – Consommer
3. David Mayer – Moonlock
4. Alejandro Mosso – Rayuela

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