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Death on the Balcony‘s ‘Tides Of Fortune’ has been the subject of relentless “track ID” requests pleading us to reveal the name of the artist and track since Be-At-TV streamed the BPM performance of Lee Burridge and Matthew Dekay back in 2015.

Joined on the EP by three other tracks there’s a cohesive feel to the two friends vibe. Mysterious melodies drift in and out of the hypnotic grooves on Rivers of sound that could have soundtracked a star trek episode from the original series.

‘1700 miles‘ is delicate and deep with a simple infectious vocal sample. Don’t be deceived though. When played on a club system the kick drum and bassline draw you in while the atmospheric elements send the listener to otherworldly places. We feel rather privileged as this track is Mark’s first solo outing from DOTB under his new moniker “Caramelli” and DOTBs first full length on All Day I Dream.

Mark’s back in the band for ‘Memories Of The Future’ which completes the release with its funky bass and trippy ambience.

Close your eyes and be transported.

Release Date: October 10th, 2016


A1. Death on the Balcony – Rivers Of Sound
A2. Death on the Balcony – Tides Of Fortune
B1. Caramelli – 1,700 Miles
B2. Death on the Balcony – Memories Of The Future

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