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Tronic Music has been at the forefront of the electronic underground scene for more than a decade and is considered one of the top selling techno labels in the world. Its boss, Christian Smith was introduced to Drunken Kong during a trip to Tokyo, where the Japanese duo are somewhat local legends, holding down a residency at Womb amongst many other spots in the city.

Now with 4 EP’s under their belt, they announce their debut album this June, but first they have a teaser EP to show us what’s to come with ‘Life We Knew’.

The EP kicks off with ‘Life We Knew’, delivering a rolling sub to set the tone and a deep synth horn which tangles with another sinister vocal.

‘The Rhythm’ comes at you with an infectious and hypnotic vocal, accompanied by a fearless low end. Crunchy percussion and synth stabs echo throughout – heavy hitter for every warehouse out there, where a bouncing bass sets a funkier tone for ‘Mission’.

Release Date: May 29th, 2017


1. Life We Knew
2. The Rhythm
3. Mission

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