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There are many ways to travel, many ways to experience what other countries and cities have to offer, many ways to get to know the place that you’re visiting as well as you’d like. But it’s not always easy to really dig in and find those hidden gems that only a select few can get to, those spots that truly represent the local spirit and are pushing the scene forward, and that sometimes can only be reached by local knowledge or word-of-mouth. That’s why we look to do the digging for you by compiling our Destinations Guide.

The EG Destinations Guide is made of a hand-picked selection of hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and shops, tailored to the taste of electronic music lovers and festival-goers who also don’t want to miss out on the local cultural hotspots and historical heritage. By experience and also with the support from inside sources, we make sure that our recommendations include the best food and accommodation and the hottest and latest nightclubs and shopping. That’s why you can trust the EG Destinations Guide to help you upgrade your travel experience.

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