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Coming on strong with the next release for this fall season on Upon.You Records is a new addition to our roster. Making a debut with their three track single named ‘Outbreak’ EP are Eins Tiefe r, the duo consisting of Vincent Probst and Nico Bulla, who’ve been refining their production skills under this conjunctional alias for quite a while and who are now set and ready to shake up the electronic music world with this one.

First we’ve got ‘Kong’ which is quite a dark’ish and growling affair that might be put into the Tech House drawer by many stylewise but despite that is oozing Techno futurism from each and every note. A raw and memorable sawtooth motif meets the most perilous sci-fi atmosphere to be found these days whilst hypnotic synth modulations are paying respect to the first golden era of Techno, effortlessly working dancefloors to the max by providing a proper dose of high energy mixed up with loads of spaced out sound design.

‘Big Fudge’ continues our journey into the high tech darkness that is the trademark sound of Eins Tiefer. With basslines like big scary monsters and haunting, spiralling sound twists drawing influences from the most tripping Minimal Techno tunes it’s – once again – the use and abuse of raw, grating synths that makes this tune so recognizable when dancing your ass off on a pitch black dancefloor with nothing but the rare, occasional strobe light flashing at concrete walls.

Finally there’s ‘Mugg’. A slightly deeper take on techy electronic dancefloor music providing flickering sounds entering our world from other dimensions through a diaphanous membrane of droning vibes, slowly revealing the steady pulse of hyperreal lifeforms and their ever buzzing electric companions who’ve entered our planet to herald the teachings of the almighty climax and the sacred dancefloor hedonism. Let this be our church – now and forever.

Release Date: November 7th, 2016


1. Eins Tiefer – Kong
2. Eins Tiefer – Big Fudge
3. Eins Tiefer – Mugg

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