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After its first three releases in 2016, Curiosity Music kicks off this new year with Anywhere, a powerful, psychedelic and mental fourth EP born into Elmar Strathe’s tortured neural system. Spotted three years ago by the great Richie Hawtin, the German DJ and producer just shared turntables of the next Curiosity Music Release Party, held on past Friday, January 13th at Nouveau Casino.

Anywhere, fourth EP to be released by Curiosity Music, could be summed up in a spatiotemporal or even extradimensional trip! The guide is named Elmar Strathe, DJ and producer based in Cologne, the other stronghold of the German techno/minimal scene with Berlin. Cut into three tracks oscillating between pressure and depression, ‘Somewhere’, ‘Anywhere’ and ‘There’, this escape to the unknown should meet a certain echo among unclassables and after Parties enthusiasts.

Its author has kindly given a few keys of understanding: “I didn’t want to describe places strictly speaking. It could also be emotions or something you are looking for. Actually, it may be different for each listener.

Just like his previous productions, this EP was handmade in Elmar Strathe’s den in Cologne. “I essentially make music at home. There I can shut the world down and I have everything I need to let myself go. The whole creative process mostly grows here. Then, for the mix and technical matters, I move into a studio”, he explains.

A few years ago, Elmar founded his own label called 5D records with his friend Florian Frings. The explorer summarizes this unknown fifth dimension thus: “The 3D vision of space (length, width and height) is not enough. You can’t lock us into a room! The fourth dimension, time, is more relative than real. The fifth dimension is a place where everybody likes to be; where you may find shelter and can just let yourself go! This place is uncannily so far away, but nevertheless within reach for anyone in a shortest time.

On this 2017 first EP, Elmar Strathe’s trilogy is enriched with an intoxicating, mysterious and disconcerting remix! It is the work of Click Box, aka Pedro Turra, another protégé of maestro Richie Hawtin, who opened him the doors of his label M-nus. Discovered by Magda and Troy Pierce, this Brazilian Techno scene pioneer based in São Paulo has joined Curiosity Music’s team after collaborating with numerous labels including Trapez, Superfreq and Items & Things.

The release of Anywhere will follow the third Curiosity Music Release Party, scheduled on Friday, January 13th at Nouveau Casino, one of the very best clubs of the French capital. In October, the label had invited Alexi Delano and Nobody Home. This time, its founder, Swann Decamme, will receive Marc Faenger, author of an excellent remix on XXL EP released in December, and of course Elmar Strathe.

Release Date: January 30th, 2017


1. Somewhere
2. Anywhere
3. There

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