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Fabrizio Rat share some of his most inspirational tracks

Following his two EP’s, ‘La Machina’ and ‘Technopiano’ Fabrizio Rat releases his first album of hybrid techno, with an innovative sound palette.

‘The Pianist combines the acoustic sounds and weird harmonics of his prepared piano with the acid loops of the TB-303 and the beats of the TR-909. We had the chance to talk with Fabrizio about his latest release and what tracks inspired him the most. Here’s the selection.

1. Ø [Phase] – Submerged Metropolitan (TOKEN71)

“I love all Ø [Phase] productions. His sound design, the way he mixes the extremes of sound spectrum is just incredible. I love the magic way this track hides the ’submerged’ harmony deep in the texture.”

2. Modes – M51 (Spazio)

“Absolutely one of my favorite tracks of the latest years, an incredible atmosphere dominates it, the harmonic texture is really amazing and original.”

3. Dawn of Midi – Ymir (Erased Tapes)

“The whole album is a masterwork, every aspect of it, the composition the sound and the mix. Piano, double bass and drum without cymbals recorded on tape. I’ve seen them live, it has just the same power, the three guys play as if they were one.”

4. Mike Parker – Lustration Five (Prologue)

“I love the radical and uncompromising character of this album, and of his music. Every element of these never-ending loops is perfectly crafted to bring the listener in a deep hypnotic state.”

5. Donato Dozzy – Quadra Nove (The Bunker New York)

“I am a big fan of all his production and Spazio Disponibile releases (Voices from the Lake own label). This is on Bunker though, a more violent but deeply hypnotic and obstinate track.”

6. Rebotini – Desillusion (Blackstrobe Records)

“The Master of analog synths at work. How he can make them sound in this track is just extraordinary. The clip is so beautiful as well, just perfect for the music.”

7. Regal – Action (Involve Records)

“This track possesses an incredible energy, so violent in a way but so refined and perfectly constructed. Dancefloor on fire…”

8. Jeff Mills – A Great Chase (Axis)

“One man spaceship is really a far away voyage…. ‘A great chase’ is such a strange track, complementary to Into the Cosmos at the beginning of the album. The fast linear harmonic progression is really fascinating.”

9. Hauschka – We Live a Thousand Years (City Slang)

“He has recently released this great album, where he uses player piano (pianolas) and prepares them alongside the piano he plays.”

10. Ben Klock – Sirens (Osgut Ton)

“So light and detached, and at the same time so deep. A beautiful melody that flows on the synth ‘riff’ underneath as if gravity didn’t exist.”

Fabrizio Rat’s ‘The Pianist’ EP is available on Blackstrobe Records.

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