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It’s half eight on Saturday night at Pukkelpop and one of Belgium’s most exciting new bands, Faces On TV, have just finished their triumphant set. As the audience files out in search of the next, next big thing, one person remains, eyes closed, listening to music that only he can hear. That person is Belgian producer Aerial and running through his head at 125bpm is a radical reworking of Faces on TV’s final song ‘Love/Dead’.

And in his head is where it would have remained if young producer hadn’t found himself 2 hours later standing at a bar next to Faces on TV’s frontman Jasper Maekelberg. Buoyed by Belgian beer Aerial proceeded to sing/shout his ‘remix’ at the increasingly bemused Maekelberg, who probably more out of a desire to get away than anything else agreed to send him the parts to the track.

Fast forward a month and one of Aerial’s DJ friends is booked to play before OFF Recordings’ Andre Crom. For his final track he cues up the, just finished that day, remix and hits play. Five minutes of driving Tech-House rhythms, rattling percussion, acidic squelches and disembodied vocals later OFF Recordings have their next single and Aerial’s career has just taken off.

Release Date: December 19th, 2016


01. Faces On TV – Love/Dead (Aerial Remix)

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