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Hopeful, Positive. To be optimistic in an apparently bad situation. This is something we all try to hold onto in uncertain times. Does the idea of Sanguine also have use in the realm of art and music, as well as the real world? Third Son calls upon label artist Finnebassen and fresh mind, Peter Pardeike, to imagine their own idea of ‘Sanguine’.

Finnebassen, enters with a bold synth melody, inspired by the middle eastern folk dance. Energetic percussion and organic drums all contribute to the uplifting feeling here. Sombre pads enter during the break only to be quashed by a final recapitulation. Third Son returns to Polymath with his hotly anticipated version of ‘Sanguine’. The memorable leitmotif builds in momentum, leading to rolling snares and retro pads, which complete the timeless track. Polymath newcomer, Peter Pardeike, enters with powerful statement of stripped back music. Each percussive element sits perfectly between each 4×4 constraint. Intermittent melodic flourishes reinforce the theme and make it an excellent addition to any set.

Release Date: September 1st, 2017


1. Finnebassen – Sanguine
2. Third Son – Sanguine
3. Peter Pardelke -Sanguine

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