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Proper quirky vibes on our amazing imprint once again, finally Florinsz Janvier, is not only having an extraordinary name but an EP to go along with it.

We were blown away by the old school vibes of  ‘Juno Compote’, while Astana caught us off guard (easily distracted) and after listening to Oscillation Test (featuring new-kid-on-the-block Bas Dobbelaer) we woke up in another timezone.

Wrapping up the package, we got the amazingly talented Eversines delivering the dopest break mix of Oscillation Test we could ever wish for, while the legendary Lauhaus came sneaking in thru the backdoor to deliver his probably most chunky remix ever- of Juno Compote… damn dude.

No fooling around here, straight up future shit!

Release Date: October 13th, 2017


1. Florinsz Janvier – Juno Compote
2. Florinsz Janvier – Juno Compote (Lauhaus Remix)
3. Florinsz Janvier & Bas Dobbelaer – Oscillation Test (Eversines Breaks Mix)
4. Florinsz Janvier & Bas Dobbelaer – Oscillation Test
5. Florinsz Janvier – Astana

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