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Brazilian duo Fractal Mood open the door to their world with Petite Terrible, a 2 track journey through soft pads and bubbling synthwork.

We are first met with the enchanting intro of ‘Danse De La Petite Terrible’ that slowly unfolds to reveal a natural groove of pads and warm percussion. The track continues to build on itself, turning itself into the jungle monster it wants to be.

‘Decola Prates’ takes a more jazzy direction, with harmonic chords dancing around each other in bliss. From here the track throws a couple surprises with a funky feel and a warm glow. And with that the ride is over, for now, leaving us satisfied yet ready for more.

Release Date: August 26th, 2016


  1. Fractal Mood – Danse De La Petite Terrible
  2. Fractal Mood – Decola Prates
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