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There’s some serious mania going on at Jannowitz headquarters – we just gathered three of the hottest Brazilian superstar Djs and teamed them up with our favourite Japanese act.

Sublime Label owner Fractall and his buddy Rocksted don’t need any introduction. Their music makes techno lovers dance on every continent, they fill the clubs with their unique sound, travel all year but still took the time to produce two absolute banger tracks. The first one being ‘This is The Bass’ – the title is more than on point. It’s everything you need: Bass, bass, bass that 3 vibrates through your body and makes your shoulders shake. If you need a definition of contemporary techno music: You are welcome.

The second track ‘Better This’ has some nice groove but is not a bit less relentless. Techno at Jannowitz starts with an „F“ and ends with „ractall & Rocksted“. And if you’re now thinking: That’s already a lot for one EP – you could not be more wrong.

Next to Fractall and Rocksted, Mr. Alex Stein who just released on Coyu’s Suara and Oliver Huntemann’s Senso labels and Japanese SCI-TEC artist SUDO joined in and redid ‘This is the bass’ in two very different ways that got one thing in common: They’re out of this world.

Both remixes are already club approved and make the EP one of Jannowitz‘ strongest releases ever.

Release Date: November 13th, 2017



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