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Buy Link: starts the summer season 2017 with a fantastic house release by one of the label owners, fran&co (BluFin | My Favourite Freaks | The Plot). Sunrise tunes on this EP, it has written poolside all over!

The title track of this EP is called ‘Luliimba’. The population in the southeast of Tanzania is calling their local Lamellophone a Luliimba. Other groups in Africa call it rather Kalimba, Mbira or Marimba. ‘Luliimba’ follows the typical fran&co tech hHouse groove, but thanks to the Kalimba melody during the peaks it turns out to be rather a House track. Perfect piece to open or close your next open air set!

Further tracks featured on this EP are two completely new versions of ‘Vibe’. Firstly, an unreleased Vocal Edit featuring the infamous ‘House Healed Me’ vocal cuts of Roland Clark. Secondly, a completely re-arranged and remastered version of the original track. Other than ‘Luliimba’, Vibe is a pretty much bassline dominated pumping house tune, using a rather unconventional lead melody. The odd lead of ‘Vibe’ is making the tune unique and your crowd will go nuts when you drop it at sunrise or during your opening set – Floorfiller!

Release Date: July 14th, 2017


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