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Mesmerizing and entangled in a strong level of detail, ‘Back To The Woods’ is a deep and melodic journey through a vast groove of rich atmosphere and organic rhythms. Carried by clear and concise grooves, a smooth swelling of pads and an entrancing patchwork of synthesized melody, Freedo Mosho’s original is complimented by two unique and equally engaging re-interpretations.Continuing the established feeling of ambiance exuded in the original, Luis Junior delves into a comfortably dark pallet of sound.

The pads are suspended and a slight tinge of grit is introduced to the low end, while the beats thicken. Spacious and well defined; Leach & Lezizmo have crafted a version carried by a finely balanced compliment of tight bass grooves and laidback cascading melodies.

Release Date: February 20th, 2018


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