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Electronic Groove Records is pleased to present its first release with Freedo Mosho.

‘Blue Tribe’ EP offers three mesmerizing and uniquely woven pieces of music capable of invoking an entrancing feeling of suspense. Each track sharing distinct and well-crafted grooves, solid basslines, immersive pads and ambience.

As many great emotive experiences do, ‘Blue Tribe’ starts on a familiar path. A confident and steady groove pulses along, urging listeners forward with a sense of reassurance.
However, as time passes, familiarity begins to fade and a sense of mystery sets in as calming pads slide into suspense and the deep simmering growl of bass presents itself, only to recede just before it can be grasped.

As we progress into Time Capsule, a sense of intriguing uneasiness unfolds, wrapped around a deep feeling of truth… the world’s changing.
Aad Honorem eases us towards the end of the path with both an air of resolution and a feeling there are pieces of the mystery left to unravel.

Release Date: November 6th, 2017


  1. Freedo Mosho – Blue Tribe
  2. Freedo Mosho – Time Capsule
  3. Freedo Mosho – Aad Honorem
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