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Fundamental Harmonics is back on tracks, here is the “Weaving & Spinning EP”.

Spinning, the act of drawing out the tangled fibers of plants or animals and twisting them, in order to see a continuous thread emerging.

The crossing of two sets of interlacing threads – called warp and weft, woof and willing – is the underlying principle of all weaving.

From these simple techniques, fabric is produced of such complexity that weaving became an image for the mystery of existence.

It is the crossing of time and space – AKA the fabric of the universe – where the visible and invisible words are woven together, each created form becoming a thread in the great tapestry of life.

Now you have with these four tracks here, four different threads to create your own electronic cloth, every mix is a unique musical design created by the crossing of various thread or songs.

Also, cloths resembles language in many ways. “Text” and “Textile” share a common root meaning “To Weave”.

 In Dogon myth, weaving and speech are poetically combined to form a coherent cosmology.

In Greek the similarly rooted verb “Tekhne” refers to art, craft and skills. Therefore a weaver not only fashions textiles but can also forms texts, poetry, songs and music…

So it is now time to spin and weave!

This is Lepton Quark 017!

Release Date: May 30th, 2016


  1. Weaving and Spinning 
  2. Ankhu
  3. Akasha
  4. Unity
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