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Art in Motion delivers a remix adorned with eerie strings that builds enticingly throughout, before descending into a stalking groove with twisted, off kilter keys that fire at will in the background.

Art In Motion is the alter-ego of Brazillian producer Vicente Amadeo; who has taken on this moniker as an outlet to explore the more intricate, emotional side of his musical psyche. His debut Art in Motion productions have appeared on NYC-based imprint Stranjjur, and have made an instant impact on a global scale, after his original composition and remixes for the young imprint landed in the crates of world-renowned DJs such as Lee Burridge, Nic Fanciulli, H.O.S.H., Robert James, Gorge, My Favorite Robot and Louie Fresco – to name just a few.

While to the outside eye it may appear as though Art in Motion suddenly landed onto the scene out of nowhere, this apparent fast-track to success didn’t occur overnight. Amadeo has flown the world over on his quest for success. Travels which eventually earned him a diploma from the SAE Institute in Byron Bay Australia in 2009. All of this occured after he made his return to his home in Rio De Janeiro to form his own label, Plano B Records. The imprint has been home to some of Brazil’s best house producers over it’s first 20 successful releases and continues to grow. Moving forward, Vicente will continue to release his more melodic, soul-clenching compositions under the Art in Motion moniker, while his more tech-fueled beats will infect dance floors via his alter-ego guise, Amadeo.

Release Date: September 8th, 2017


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