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Giorgia Angiuli, the globetrotting Italian, who has previously released on labels including Stil Vor Talent, Kindisch and Suara, is known for her innovative and outstanding live sets and her skills as a mutli-instrumentalist.

The title track, for which the famous Eugenia Barone contributed the double bass, is backed with a remix from label boss Marc Romboy. Both have a slightly progressive air with Romboy adding some percussive drive and more presence in the main synth line.

Giorgia‘s second original, Royal Breath, takes us deeper with its playful vocal cuts and mighty bassline whereas Multiverso, the fourth and final track, spreads a darker atmosphere with spacey vocal layers and synth sequences.

Release Date: October 27th, 2017.


  1. Giorgia Angiuli  – Around Your Space – Original Mix
  2. Giorgia Angiuli – Around Your Space (Marc Romboy Floating Away)
  3. Giorgia Angiuli – Multiverso – Original Mix
  4. Giorgia Angiuli  – Royal Breath


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