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Goeran Meyer’s new MYR label will present exciting music from house to techno and back again, but always with a real sense of soul. The man himself is behind the first EP and offers a trio of tracks that mix both analogue and digital textures to perfection.

The label was founded in Bad Hersfeld, Germany, and will release Meyer’s own music as well as that from friends. He himself is something of a veteran with a vast discography that takes in plenty of fresh club cuts on labels like Revolution Records and Balushi. The likes of Richie Hawtin have played his work before and he himself has played legendary events like Love Parade, which prove his skills as a DJ are also unquestioned.

First here is the excellent ‘Bright and Breezy’, a robust and stripped back house bouncer with a great vocal that muses on the meaning of house music. The production is clean and crisp and filled with interesting ideas and inventive synth sounds that really worm their way into your brain.

Next is a spacious and groovy roller, ’Unhurried Soul,’ which has wave like synths washing over taught drums. Subtle little percussive fills and filters flesh things out and make for a curious and intriguing atmosphere that is cerebral as well as soulful.

Rounding out a varied and vital offering is ‘Kinds of Data,’ a more uptempo and direct effort that hurries through cosmic landscapes and takes you on a real trip. Spine tingling melodies and rousing pads all add to the classy sense of drama and it finishes off the EP in style.

On this evidence, MYR is sure to be an essential new outlet for richly detailed house and techno.


1. Goeran Meyer – Bright and Breezy
2. Goeran Meyer – Unhurried Soul
3. Goeran Meyer – Kinds of Data

Release Date: November 11th, 2016


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