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The EP named ‘Minder’ created by Gorkiz from Brazil and V-Cious from Ecuador , bring us these two original pieces which are mixture of progressive and deep house, all fused perfectly in an eternally developing journey.

Arude with his ethereal techno interpretation that he describes with 3 words – Perseverance, Excitement, Confusion. In creating this work, he wanted to keep the original sounds while inserting his own coronal tricks to have a multilayered track.

Silent Lake formed by Ivano Ragni and Davide Lilli, crossing their styles and their common passion for music. Bring us an extensive vision with tribal vocals to give a unique touch to all the pack.

Having recently created this duo, a new musical project that certainly won’t stop to amaze. Shaping sounds, melodies and deep-dark rhythms, Silent Lake begin their path in the world of music without leaving anything to chance.

Their desire of always giving something more, a different touch, an almost parallel way of conceiving music are predominant characteristics of this duo. Their clean-cut repertory is characterized by many musical influences which allowed them to move and create their own dimension among the multitude of these movements.

Release Date: September 4th, 2017


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