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A few years ago, prolific DJ and producer Henry Saiz started releasing original tracks and remixes under his aka Hal Incandenza. Signing his creations with this pseudonym allowed him to venture into new stylistic fields and unleash his pop side. Tropical melodies, lo-fi sounds, avant-disco, risky remixes of pop divas like Britney Spears or Ariana Grande… Hal Incandenza has never put limits on experimentation and a fusion of styles.

The release of his debut album on April 28th – with the suggestive title “Calor” (“Heat”) – is a giant step that constitutes the consolidation of this project. Hal Incandenza brings a band format to the album that absolutely radiates “heat” all over: the analogue heat from the advanced sound design, the aesthetic heat that gives us a lush and colorful tropical melancholy, the human heat from all types of collaborations that you can find participating in each track. This is a choral LP in which the electronic elements interact with live musicians. With five singers, live recorded drums and guitars, a saxophonist and numerous other surprises that hide in the deepest corners of these songs, you can listen to the album over and over again and still find yourself diving deeper within all its secrets.

Paradoxically, “Calor” is an album that is allergic to labels but in which dozens of them are fitting descriptors: 80’s, disco, experimental electronic, synthpop, psychedelia, italodisco… It is a stylistic cocktail in which Henry has overturned all his influences and musical affiliations to create an honest and personal piece of work – a musical accompaniment to an author’s film.

The LP welcomes us with an instrumental track that works upon the mind and heart much like an ayahuasca sojourn which takes us to worlds where imagination is free from all its chains. Following this invocation, everything is allowed: contagious pop tracks, passages referencing progressive rock, live and expressive sounds that continuously stimulate the listener. And, of course, collaborations with such special voices as Linda Mirada, HNIN, Eloy and Mammals. As a hybrid between Mike Oldfield, Daft Punk, ABBA, Max Martin’s Scandinavian pop, Latin and African rhythms, “Calor” turns out to be a record as unclassifiable as it is unique.

The release of the single “Winter Song” back on the 31st of March (which includes a Henry Saiz remix) is just a sample of what Hal Incandenza’s debut album offers; a kaleidoscope of songs – each of them entities unto themselves – that, without a doubt, is a firm step to start the journey of this project that exudes freshness and lack of prejudice. In addition, the album coincides with the launch of a new label Lost Worlds Records, a platform created by Henry Saiz and his band upon which they will release projects as risky and unique as this one.

So save the date, the long-awaited LP “Calor” by Hal Incandenza lands on all digital platforms on April 28th via Lost Worlds Records.

Release Date: April 28th, 2017


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