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To kick off 2017, Get Weird welcomes Hauy, a Brazilian artist by way of Toronto who offers three tracks of “music crafted to be played in the clubs or the deserts.

This is an EP inspired by Hauy’s personal growth and exploration, takes cues from a trip on magic mushrooms that forced him to finger inner truth and is a truly expressive offering as a result. It comes after he has spent time performing all over the world and puts to use his life long passion for audio and sound research.

Up first, ‘Your Way to Paradise’ is seven seductively deep minutes of synth laden, soft focus house that is truly atmospheric. Finger clicks and spiralling pads, sweeping filters and loose trumpet lines all add up to a truly intoxicating experience.

‘Amanita’ is named after magic mushroom Amanita Muscaria, and is another dreamy and deep number that really lulls you into a lush groove. Various different textures and languid chords all add flesh to the groovy bones and make for something full of heart that also works for your head and heel.

Last but not least, ‘Blue Moon’ is a little more upbeat and direct but is still a spacious and cerebral number that is riddled with proper melodies and chords of the sort that really will light up the dancefloor in the most subtle of ways. Add in the weighty kicks down low and you have a real winner.

This is a smooth and sensual EP of richly detailed house music for real connoisseurs.

Release Date: January 20th, 2017


A1. Your Way To Paradise
B1. Amanita
B2. Blue Moon

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