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Henry Saiz delivers a stunning single ‘For Days And Nights’ on his own Natura Sonoris imprint, featuring his live band singer Eloy.

‘For Days and Nights’ showcases Saiz’s affinity with sonic exploration in house music; creating two different tracks using the same vocals using two distinctive approaches.

‘For Days and Nights (Boiler Room Version)’ was first premiered during Saiz´s killer Boiler Room live show last year and was hugely anticipated ever since. It’s more melancholic, with layers of percussion atop a pulsing bassline and flourishing chords building to a crescendo. A slow burner, this version allows the musical elements more freedom to stray from the vocal top lines.

‘For Days and Nights (Dawn version)’ is a compelling cut that builds gradually, blending atmospheric synth melodies with Eloy’s ethereal voice on loop. Adding an elegant 90´s dance music touch, the other elements of the track seamlessly enshrine the echoing vocals, which dominate this heady production.

Both tracks include the Spanish producer’s trademark use of ambient sound effects and real life recordings, a passion he never ceases to experiment with, setting him apart from other artists. Not many can keep the wheels turning the way Saiz does, as ‘For Days and Nights’ once again demonstrates.

The release follows his hugely successful Kickstarter campaign that saw the Spanish producer exceed his target and raise almost €74,000 to set off on a musical journey around the world, recording ten tracks in ten iconic locations, including Tokyo, Joshua Tree and Dubai.

A remix pack including Shall Ocin amongst others is also due in the new year.

Release Date: November 4th, 2016


  1. For Days and Nights (Boiler Room Version)
  2. For Days and Nights (Dawn Version)
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