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Henry Saiz selects 10 key tracks from his label, Natura Sonoris

Henry Saiz is the creator of a style that is a combination of his love for all things electronic with a deep passion for art. His music, as well as his work as a sound designer for film and TV has always been marked as forward thinking in approach and groundbreaking upon delivery.

In anticipation of the release of his Balance Series compilation Henry shares with us a top 10 selection with some of the most important tracks from his own label, Natura Sonoris.

1. Voltaeric – Sandman

“Old but gold from a good friend Eric Volta. Absolute floorkiller.”

2. Cora Novoa – Unattainable Love

First EP I’ve signed from Cora back in 2009. Already back then I knew it would be a timeless classic.”

3. Sistema – 1976

This whole album must be one of the finest things we have ever released on Natura. So emotionally intense, diverse and thought-provoking.”

4. Hal Incandenza – Ventura 

Shameless self-promotion, but I heard people were digging this one a lot. Being one of the best sellers probably has something to do with that too 🙂 “

5. Ricardo Tobar – Together

“Energetic, wild, swirling sonic madness doused with acidic tinges making it a pure sonic brilliance that, by the way, is still killing the dancefloor almost 5 years later.”

6. Marc Marzenit – Theme For The End

Very happy and proud to have had Marc’s debut album on Natura. This one is my favourite, but the whole thing is such a beautiful and memorable journey. Check it out!”

7. R.I.P. Bestia – African Wedding Ceremony

“The track, pretty much as the whole EP actually, has label’s aesthetics written all over it, absolutely stunning piece of work. Keep an eye on this guy, he might have a couple cards more up his sleeve.”

8. Tentacle – Goliath

Powerful and ballsy piece of nasty Italo disco with an oriental touch. Couldn’t ask for more, love it.”

9. Damabiah – Sur les Genoux de l’Automne

One of those tracks that somehow instantly fills you with joy. A dreamy soundscape taking you on a smooth and dreamy trip.”

10. Clarian – Siren’s Call

Clarian’s hidden gem that’s been HUGE in my sets. Flowing so effortlessly, it enchants you while echoing boldly through the air. It´s a great one.”

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