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Hernan Cattaneo selects 10 key tracks from his label, Sudbeat

For some DJs, music is more than just their passion or occupation – it’s the reason for their existence, the thing that keeps their world turning. Hernan Cattaneo is that special breed.

As a respected label owner and producer, Cattaneo’s creative output remains as plentiful as ever. His Sudbeat label has risen up as a leading light in melodic electronic music. Here he shares with us 10 key tracks from the imprint, ahead of the release of his latest ‘Balance Series’ compilation to be out on February 24th.

1. Danny Howells – On the Moon

“Great honor to have my favorite DJ on our first ever Sudbeat”.

2. D-Nox & Beckers – Last Call 

“Our biggest seller to date, still rocking dance floors all over the world”.

3. Nick Warren – Rumbletump

“My best friend in the scene and great bac-to-back partner all over the world Nick delivers as usual. Glad to have such a legend on our label.”

4. Guy J – Alghorithm

“We were playing back-to-back in Miami with Guy, and he dropped this gem – I signed it immediately. There is no roof for this man.”

5. Quivver – Pictures

“Anotherfavoritee producer. Always great stuff coming from John – every track from the EP is top.”

6. Sebastien Leger – Love Star

“Probably one of the biggest singles of late. Sebastien brings fantastic melodic grooves.”

7. Guy Mantzur & Khen feat. Kamila – Moments Becoming Endless Time

“Only a great song can come from those three together in the studio – timeless.”

8. Tone Depth & Simply City – Skydivers

“Such a classic and such a remix!” 

9. Simon Vuarambon – Pandora

“A big promise from Argentina. Simon gets better and better at every release – check also his new track on my Balance album.”

10. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Infoxication

“One from our own factory. Check also the hot remixes from Mantzur, Lonya and Chaim.”

Hernan Cattaneo’s ‘Balance Series’ compilation will be available February 24th. Pre-order here.

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