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New York label Plant Music turns to the acclaimed Vermont artist Higgins, who links with singer songwriter Anishka for a great new single, ‘Escape’. The fine original comes complete with remixes from a top selection of artists including Ian Pooley, Teenage Mutants and Unorthodox.

Higgins is part of the accomplished house duo Kaviar Disco Club, famed for their high energy parties and spontaneous atmospheres. Here he lays down a raw cut with, for the first time ever, original vocals alongside the beats. Those vocals are from Sri Lanka born, Los Angeles raised Anishka, who has worked with the likes of Fools Gold Records and is very much a star on the rise.

Their first original is ‘Escape’, a downtempo house track that is breezy and laid back, zoned-out and lovestruck. The tinkling keys bring real tenderness, but Anishka’s vocals are the true focal point as they add sensuousness and vulnerability to the whole thing making sure it sticks in your mind.

House legend and Berlin label boss Ian Pooley then flips the track into a more driven but just as deliciously deep affair with colourful piano keys and masterful filter effects. For something darker and more stern in feel, look to Suara and Stil Vor Talent’s Teenage Mutant and his excellent remix, while Unorthodox offers a more stripped back version that grinds along until a melodic and vocal explosion adds real emotive fuel to the groove based fire. A dub from the same artist keeps things drum focussed and adds another interesting angle to the original.

Last of all, Higgins goes it alone for ‘Step On’, another house music slow jam that has a classic vocal feel, horizontal pads and loose limbed, live sounding drums. It’s full of colour and charisma and is sure to get any dancefloor going.

This is another essential release from the ever flowering Plant Music.

Release Date: March 24th, 2017


1. Escape Feat. Anishka
2. Escape Feat. Anishka (Ian Pooley Remix)
3. Escape Feat. Anishka (Teenage Mutants Remix)
4. Escape Feat. Anishka (Unorthodox Remix)
5. Escape Feat. Anishka (Unorthodox Dub)
6. Step On

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