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My Favorite Robot Records is proud to welcome a new talent to the ranks for a first solo EP entitled ‘End of a Chapter’. That man is German producer H.O.S.H. and he comes up with a trio of tantalising tech tracks that add another dimension to the label’s sound whilst staying true to its passion for sublime synths and unusual grooves.

H.O.S.H. is Hamburg’s Holger Behn, an artist who has spent much of his career releasing EPs and LPs on Diynamic, the label he helped make famous alongside close friend Stimming and boss man Solomun. His fresh sound, which tangles between techno and house, has taken him all over the world, to DJ residencies at various places in Ibiza and festivals big and small on just about every continent.

Up first here is the colourful and cosmic main room bomb that is ‘Meloman.’ With twinkling keys and sweeping pads it is a truly expansive affair that has infectious drums at its heart.

The excellent ‘Aire’ has big drums and snaking shakers, scraping perc sounds and majestic, wildly repetitive melodies exploding throughout. It is celebratory and euphoric, expertly programmed and finished with real style and will mark the high point of any set.

Last but not least is ‘Libre,’ which is eight and a half minutes of wonky beats and pixelated synths, rippling chords and brightly coloured neon melodies that fire every
synapse in your body. It is another adventurous and explosive track that is full of fun and craziness right in time for the upcoming festival season.

This is a top trio of tracks that is as colourful and stuffed with musicality as you could imagine.

Release Date: May 13th, 2016


1. Meloman
2. Aire
3. Libre

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