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Twin Turbo is proud to present the latest EP from Japan’s Hoshina Anniversary, an up-and-banging DJ/Producer whose numerous releases on Boys Noize Records have caught all the right eyes and ears at Turbo. His debut on the label comes in the form of an engrossing low fidelity package titled ‘Phone Case’. The five track EP ensures his place at the fore of the ongoing lo-fi explosion, which we feel is nothing less than the sound of an entire generation dancing to the ideals of democracy.

Inspired by one of our label boss’ most polarizing tweets, this EP is the first Twin Turbo release by an artist citing influences from the worlds of adult contemporary jazz and “Funky Latin”, although the music contained within challenges the very notion that these genres even exist. And this is perhaps the purest expression of the dualistic nature of the Twin Turbo ethos: as far as we are concerned, there is visor-melting insanity, and there is nothing.

Release Date: March 10th, 2017


1. Build Up Your House
2. Phone Case
3. Broken Mo
4 All You Need Is ‘Good’
5. Route 60
3. Clunk A Trunk
4. OD3

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