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D-Formation: “The inspiration comes alone. If I have a laptop, any place is good”

With over 25 years in his career path, both in worldwide booths and music studios in his role as a producer, D-FORMATION is one of the most respected electronic music artists across the world.

We met with the Spanish artist to talk about his legacy, current situation and future plans.

Electronic Groove: Hi D-Formation, thanks for the time to chat with us. Do you remember the first time you fell in love with electronic music?

D-Formation: Thanks to you guys. Sure, I fell in love and decided that I wanted to dedicate myself entirely to music at the age of 15. At that time I got influenced by bands like Supertramp and Pink Floyd. Of course I didn’t listen to these groups only but looking back that comes to my mind in this moment.

EG: You have been, and still are, a role model to several generations of artists, how do you feel about it? Did you have a role model in the industry?

D-Formation: I’ve passed through many stages during my musical career and of course I’ve seen at least a couple of generations go by, both artists and faithful music lovers who follow you day by day. Answering your question, I feel very lucky to be able to continue dedicating myself to what I like without losing that spark that every DJ and producer needs to have in order to be successful this industry. I’m not a person who follows any model in anything in my life. I like to be myself and I try to transmit it when I sit in my studio to make music.

EG: The Spanish electronic scene owes you a lot, without projects like Beatfreak it would be not what it is nowadays. How do you see the country scene lately? What do you think could be done to make it better? Do you think the Spanish industry has enough initiatives?

D-Formation: I think the scene in general is better than ever. When I started with my project Beatfreak, and before that with other labels, it was not easy at all. Of course, it is still difficult now but almost 20 years ago having a recording studio was a luxury that no everyone could afford. Nowadays everybody can demonstrate their talent with a single laptop and that has helped the scene grow.

I sincerely think that everything is evolving in a logical way. Everything can be improved, but among all of us who are involved in this industry, we bring something more, especially new people.

Spain has evolved incredibly in the recent years. Of course I see a lot of initiative in labels, DJs and artists in general. There are many Spanish artists touring all around the world every weekend and this is unstoppable.

EG: You have won a several prizes during your career. Beatport named you one of the most important artists of the last decade along with big names like Eric Prydz, Sasha, John Digweed, Nathan Fake, Guy Gerber or Dave Seaman. What is more important for you, the industry’s recognition or the public’s support?

D-Formation: I can’t say that I don’t like the industry professional recognition, of course I do, but without any doubt, the biggest prize is always the public support. When I see how the crowd enjoys a set or track of mine, that feeling cannot be given by any award.

“Spain has evolved incredibly in the recent years”

EG: D-Formation alias was born in 2003, why did you take the decision of creating a new name for you?

D-Formation: There were several factors that led me to take the decision to start from zero with a different name. First of all, I needed a change in my musical career and I needed to do it alone. I had a partner at that time but he felt the music in a different way than I did so we separated and I started my career alone. I love challenges and I do not rule out doing it again. I don’t know why but often I have periods when I feel the need to change my way and start something from the beginning.

EG: ‘AINE’ your last work, was released on Suara including remixes of My Favorite Robot and Tuff City Kids. How would you describe it?

D-Formation: ‘AINE’ EP it’s the continuation of what is D-Formation now and what I feel when it comes to making music. In this new stage and with the help of labels like Suara and remixers like Tuff City Kids, D-Nox & Beckers or My Favorite Robot, my music is reaching the audience that I really would like to reach.

EG: This is not your first collaboration with Suara. In fact, your previous EP ‘Balkia’ was a huge success all around the world. Did you feel that pressure to release on a big label like this one and to have bix expectations to cover? If the answer is affirmative, how did you handle it?

D-Formation: Every artist has pressure, the higher you get or your tracks do the higher the pressure is. Honestly, I am in a very good musical moment right now. Anyone who engages in the music knows what I am talking about. In these moments I do what I feel and it gives a result, but it is not always so. Now I will take advantage of my moment 🙂

EG: Whats your advice for someone who is starting his/her musical career?

D-Formation: My advice is to put enthusiasm in everything they do. The beginnings are not easy and sometimes you want to give up on everything, but as usual with constant work you always get results. Bad times or these moments in which you feel you don’t get where you want are very good moments to redirect everything.

“I like to be myself and I try to transmit it when I sit in my studio to make music”

EG: Do you prefer to play on Vinyl or Digital?

D-Formation: I have played on Vinyl for about 20 years, much more than I´ve done on Digital. For me the question is not whether I like one or other. The question is if I want to advance or not. My answer at the moment is that I don’t see the nostalgic sense of using Vinyls, although they have returned I will not return to them. I am a person who always has liked the technology. I could not do what I do in my sets with Vinyls, that’s why I bet on the technology.

EG: Do you have a particular city that you feel very confortable to play at?

D-Formation: One of the places where I have always felt comfortable is Montreal. I have no favorite places for my inspiration. The inspiration comes alone. If I have a laptop, any place is good.

EG: What can we expect from D-Formation in 2017?

D-Formation: This year there will be many great surprises. As I mentioned before, I Ike starting new projects. Soon I’ll launch a new label and also another pseudonym as artist. This doesn’t mean that D-Formation and Beatfreak will disappear. Both will continue to be more than ever, but as I said I love to start projects from zero and I feel like I have to.

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