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It was time for Inxec to appear on Extravaganza again. This time he has teamed up with Mexican based artist Gil Montiel.

‘Dolphins’ is an odyssey into sounds, kicking off with lots of traveling grooves and hypnotic synths, squeezed out from Inxec & Gil’s world. It feels as if the track constantly inflates itself with more details being added…Dark ambients and the unique synth stabs shows a strong connection with minimalistic music that perfectly keeps up the intensity level. Driven by their ideas and skills, you will never come back! The other original ‘Take 3’ is a track with a great choice of variables and a skilled way of shifting them throughout the record. The result is a modern track that lays down a solid groove and sounds, but simultaneously reveals a funky soul to seduces us.

On The Remix side we are very pleased to bring two amazing names, to control your body and mind with their interpretations of the track ‘Dolphins’. ‘Dance Spirit’ is the first remix that appears in the tracklist, and it is a Hyperspace Rework in the real meaning of it. It’s mental, deep and futuristic with one more twist then what you are accustomed to hear from them…so make sure to play out this track! ’12 Stories’ are up next, with releases on labels like Hot Creations, VIVa Music and Lost, they have written a more fashionable housey version of ‘Dolphins’ which tackles the track from a totally different standpoint, injecting the glam and tech house character into the track with a total dedication to the dance floor. Expect big damage when you play any of these tracks!

Release Date: April 11th, 2016


1. Inxec & Gil Montiel – Dolphins (Original Mix)
2. Inxec & Gil Montiel – Dolphins (Dance Spirit Hyperspace Remix))
3. Inxec & Gil Montiel – Dolphins (12 Stories Remix)
4. Inxec & Gil Montiel – Take 3 (Original Mix)

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