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For its second release, Depth gives voice to the rising Italian talent Daniel Tagliaferri aka Ivory who strikes again with a new amazingly crafted four-track EP. ‘Nocturnal’ EP is composed of 4 straight up rhythmical and yet subtly sophisticated compositions whose master ingredients are a compelling and percussive groove enhanced by artful waves of arpeggios and punctuated by dramatic and atmospheric breakdowns.

Opening the journey, ‘Revenge’ features an outstanding combination of kicking afrospirited percussions and clattering synths to create a powerful robotic and hypnotic tempo. Picking up the pace, the title track and ‘Night Shadows’ both develop multiple layers of synth chords and textures married with a catchy pulsating drum pattern and suggestive haunting vocal samples. The closing chapter driven by a whirling beat echoes the inspirational force of telluric spirits at dusk. Deep into the darkness, but
without desperately sinking into its gloomy sides.

No doubt that with this last opus, Ivory singles out again with a unique and vivid display of both smart and emotional dancefloor-orientated soundscape.

Release Date: May 29th, 2017


1. Revenge
2. Nocturnal
3. Night Shadows
4. Tales From The Ground

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