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CUFF, the cult underground label helmed by French house heads, Amine Edge & DANCE, leads up to its landmark 50th release with CUFF 048, a tremendous two track ‘Rock The House’ EP, from Londoners Jack N Danny.

The duo team up with Tim Baresko – the rising star and producer of one of this summer’s biggest tunes, ‘Marilyn Monroe’ – for the first record on the release, a cracking cover of Moloko’s ‘Sing It Back’.  The iconic song gets a ready refresh with sparkling synths and a nagging big-room bassline, over which that oh-so familiar vocal delightfully drifts and pulls you in.  You and the crew will be singing it back before you know it!

Rounding up the EP is ‘Rock The Beat’.  Built on brilliant old school beats, the track sneaks in snippets of another famous vocal, before the tech-house bass-line takes over.   Stick in some warm synth stabs and some on-the-edge notes from a distorted piano and you’ve got a sensational track to strut in the club to.

Release Date: December 7th, 2016


01. Jack N Danny – Sing it Back
02. Jack N Danny – Rock the Beat

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