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Jake Dudley makes a statement with the first ever Dance and Rave record release.

Taking the first minute to properly build a rhythmic structure, ‘Power’ is soon joined by an acid-tinged bass line and a looped vocal whisper help to fill in the track’s soundscape. Stage diving into an energetic release, Dudley dials in on the groovy bass line, letting the vocals fade in and out occasionally. The tap of lush drum pads heard faintly in the background offer a light tribal touch while contrasting the energetic rhythm nicely. Filtered synth lines buzz over the top between breakdowns and occasional triple kick offers a bit of flare, rounding out what we believe to be a solid production from top to bottom.

Having releases on several labels already, we are thrilled to have Jake Dudley represent the first Dance and Rave release, and this energetic tech house cut is sure to do some damage on dance floors in the near future.

Release Date: June 16th, 2017


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