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Music is Love Records has become somewhat of an institution since its conception nearly 5 years ago and one of the talking points on their release schedule is always the LOVEBOX VA. Well we are in luck as they introduce the 3rd in the series. Lets dive into it.

Opening up with the A1 is an artist of supreme integrity and killer beats – Wbezza. His track ‘Bodyman‘ is a luscious adventure through sonic soundscapes and jazzy beats, a perfect opener. A2 sees label regular Jamie Trench and his off kilter track ‘Oil Spill’, a little different from his usual sound here he pieces together a quirky but damn funky track.

As you flip the record the quality doesn’t dip as the Dutch brothers Samuel Deep & Julian Alexander under their “Ingi Visions” moniker unleash ‘Nauyaca’. A deep and funky trip with heavy sub action made for the floor. B2 is Liam Geddes, fresh from dropping 4 bombs on MIL014 it’s no secret we rate him massively, he’s back to his old tricks on ‘Reach Out’ and we love it.

Vinyl number 2 brings us yet more goodness and C1 bring back old favourites New Jack City. The brothers dropped Mil001 and nearly 5 years later are still bringing the heat with their track ‘Pick Me Up’. That NJC sound they do so so well. C2 welcomes new blood to the label in the shape of two incredible artists we love Mak & Pasteman, their track ‘U Said’ is a hazy deep house roller that oozes class. Expect to hear more from these guys in 2017 on MIL

As we flip the final record we see more new blood on D1 and the track ‘Bang Dat’ from German duo “AM UNIT”. A dreamy hook combined in perfect harmony with a unrelenting drum track makes for some serious dance floor fodder. The final track is from label boss Oli Furness who ends this solid selection of tracks with his track ‘Broken Summers’ a heavy dose of distorted euphoric breakbeat vital for those ‘taps aff’ moments.

As usual the Lovebox consists of 8 high grade tracks pressed over 2 vinyl, lovingly wrapped up in a gatefold sleeve covered in the familiar donut print.

Release Date: November 11th, 2016


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