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Fade continue to impress with their early run of releases, and behind this latest one is boss Joran van Pol, who calls in long time friend Whyt Noyz for a remix.

This new project from van Pol comes after amassing a fine discography with releases on labels like Minus, Rejected, Sci+Tec and Ideal Audio. As such he has the support of all the big hitters, who often reach for his tunes. As a DJ he is just as in demand, with key slots everywhere from Space Ibiza to TimeWarp all behind him.

This EP was written in a new studio in Amsterdam which has given him fresh impulse. The title ‘Meta’ refers to the abstract sound of the track, it’s abstract indeed, with industrial noises and alien lifeforms detailing the stripped back and dry techno grooves. It’s one to get into your head in a dark warehouse and is a fine opener. The top remix comes from Whyt Noyz, who will be the next artist to release on this label. His back catalogue takes in essential labels like SCI+TEC and Minus and his fresh remix here really impresses. Dry hits, spaceships taking off and sweeping white noises blasts all make for a tense and atmospheric techno trip.

The alluring ‘Estimate’ is another widescreen techno roller devoid of human life, with machine sounds, clacking metallic hits and turbulent synths all adding up to an eerie bit of sonic landscaping that is designed to lock in big crowds.

Last of all is a Beatport Exclusive mix of ‘Estimate’ that is stripped back to brooding beatless ambiance and intriguing sound design, and will be a perfect tool to create weird moods in your set.

Once again FADE and van Pol have come up with some stark and standout techno sounds here.

Release Date: September 8th, 2017


1. Meta
2. Meta (Whyt Noyz Remix)
3. Estimate
4. Estimate Soundscape (Beatport Exclusive)

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