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K.E.E.N.E. show off their exotic influences in another set of productions, this time enlisting Berliner Re.You and the Father of Ancestral Soul Boddhi Satva.

‘Gyal Good’ kicks in with tribal drums swiftly joined by shaky percussion, outlining a relentless bassline paired with buzzing synths. Essentially a deep techno exploration at its core, a mix of vocal chops adds mystery while an undulating melody gradually unfolds.

Re.You takes on the remix mission, bringing his own blend of tech house goodness into play. What that translates to is a bouncy yet stripped down version of the original, where the effervescent synths take the lead.

‘Bocaracá’ wriggles along a sinuous melody dotted with bell accents, much like its anguine title reveals. An inherently dark construction, with spacious loops and shifting patterns, it packs in major late hour dancefloor appeal.

Boddhi Satva captures the essence of ‘Bocaracá’ in his true style, stripping off all of the fragments and starting off with a tribal-dub build up. The African artist twists exotic samples, elegant percussion and the vocals into a familiar yet novel construction, warping the entire melody.

Release Date: May 15th, 2017


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