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Electronic music heavyweight Kenny Glasgow is back with his much anticpated new solo album entitled ‘Circus Tales’. Due for release on Jonny White’s agenda setting No.19 Music, it is a long overdue and hugely welcome follow up to 2009’s ‘Taste of the Low Life’ which appeared on the same label.

Before touring the world, releasing albums and appearing on magazine covers as influential duo Art Department with White, Glasgow was a key player in his native Canada as a DJ, producer and promoter, helping foment the local scene with his own key parties and DJ sets.

His vocal work and production style is always truly unique, often featuring haunting sounds and desolate urban vibes that sound like no one else. Releasing on labels like the Toronto based Jinxx during the 90s, he went on to become a key solo artist with the newly launched No.19 Music imprint back in 2008. This brilliant new album shows he has never stopped evolving and digs deep to find exciting new life in house, techno and plenty in between.

Right from the off, Glasgow’s dehumanised style is on full display. Robot vocals and rugged grooves are embellished with creepy melodies and unhinged synths. After that arresting opener, ‘Come On’ keeps up the pressure with prying bass and slick drums, and ‘Response From Mars’ gets dark and freaky with wonky chords, minimal drum programming and metallic textures that are industrial and inviting.

Trying something fresh with each new track, the album switches up the moods and grooves with ease and style, and ‘floor slaying cuts like ‘Pro-to-Type’ and the melodically expansive ‘Everything is Breath’ prove that with aplomb. ‘Communication Meltdown’ proves Glasgow can play truly musical chords as well as programme drums to make dancers go wild, and the final trio of tracks get truly heady and hypnotic for the most discerning back rooms out there.

This is a complete sound world from Glasgow that features a coherent and cohesive set of dance floor tracks. The whole thing is a masterful piece of forward facing work that will surely set the world alight this summer.

In advance of the full digital album release there will be a limited vinyl album sampler dropping in late July featuring 6 key tracks from the LP.

Release Date: July 29th (Digital) and July 22nd (Vinyl)


1. Interactive Entertainment
2. Come on
3. Response From Mars
4. Pro-to-Type
5. Everything is Breath
6. Individuals
7. Comunication Meltdown
8. Transformation
9. B-strong
10. Action/Re:action

Vinyl sampler

A1 Interactive Entertainment
A2 Response From Mars
B Transformation
C1 Individuals
C2 Communication Meltdown
D Action/Re:Action

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