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We exchanged thoughts with Kocleo ahead of his Last Night on Earth release.

Electronic Groove: You’ve been a favorite with some of the finest DJs in the know for a while now, with the likes of Laurent Garnier and Maya Jane Coles supporting your previous releases on more underground labels, and now this marks your debut on Last Night On Earth. How does it feel getting Sasha’s seal of approval? What do you think it was about these tracks that appealed to LNOE?

Kocleo: Getting feedbacks from DJs and producers that support independent labels and that I personally admire is always a great honour. Sasha is a living legend, I’ve been following his work since I was little and I began taking an interest in electronic music, so you can imagine my enthusiasm when he picked up my work, I was really over the moon. I believe the tracks connect on an emotional level and I think LNOE understands this well.

EG: Where were you when you were producing the EP? (please give specifics, eg if it was in your studio, where is that? Any notable stories/memories from when you were working on these tracks?)

Kocleo: I produced this EP in my studio in Rome. I was working on a few melodies using frequency modulation and sample sounds for “Always There”. The second track of the EP “Blinded” on the other hand, has a very recognizable arpeggio. All the credit goes to the Roland SH 101 synth that has been essential to create both tracks. I had just purchased it and I recall being in the studio for days to try it out!

EG: What do you find inspires your music? Where do you go/what do you listen to when you’re needing inspiration?

Kocleo: I listen to every kind of music, from jazz to electronic, from classical to funk. It depends on the time of the day and my personal state of mind at that moment. Apart from the classics, I always strive for new things because they show influences taken from other genres and that intrigues me. When I need inspiration, I lock myself in my studio and keep on trying on my machines or I just buy a new one if I can!

EG: This release is a significant shift in gears for you – what other exciting things are on the horizon for you this year release or gig-wise that you’re most looking forward to?

Kocleo: This year one of my tracks will be featured on the “Above the City” compilation on Culprit LA. I have an EP signed with them too for this year What more could I ask for? I’m hoping to play alongside with Sasha someday!

Release Date: July 14th, 2016


1. Always There
2. Blinded

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