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Lagartijeando is the name of producer, musician and DJ Mati Zundel. Born, raised and currently living in a small town on the outskirts of Buenos Aires called Dolores.

From a very early age, he was musically curious— experimenting with percussion, charango, guitar, bass, voice, and beyond. Strongly influenced by his travels through Latin America, Mati’s signature psychedelic dance tracks latch onto everything from traditional folk sounds from the Bolivian altiplano to the jungle beats of Brazil. Mati hypnotically fuses his traditional influences (with an emphasis on shaman chant and charango loops) with contemporary electronic beats, creating a sound that once left NPR speechless.

Lagartigeando was signed to the infamous ZZK Records in 2009 (Chancha Via Circuito, Nicola Cruz, etc.) on which he released his first EP ‘Neobailongo’— a mix of cumbias with electro and dubstep elements. After releasing the EP, Mati soon took to the road and dove deeper into the music of the Andes, studying charango and various traditional folk styles. In 2012, under the name Mati Zundel, he released his first full length album ‘Amazonico Gravitante’, via ZZK as well as ‘Waxploitation’ (Gnarls Barkley, Danger Mouse) in the U.S.

Some more miles later, Mati released his second LP ‘Cardos Redondo’ also on Waxploitation, which featured 8 songs recorded across Latin America— an album he calls an ‘imaginary sound map of Latin America’.

Freshly into 2017, Mati brings us ‘El Gran Poder’ via Wonderwheel (Novalima, Alsarah & The Nubatones)— named after an important Aymara festival that takes place in Bolivia and Peru, purely to celebrate family. At these festivals, the community also celebrates their culture and the importance of the collective identity. Like these festivals, the album is a celebratory one, and will tempt any listener out of their seat. The album was recorded in Mati’s town, Dolores, outside of Buenos Aires. Once again taking a huge variety of sounds— this time influenced by Brazilian house, afro-brazilian rhythms, and folkloric Andean music. All songs are written and produced by Mati, apart from Lunita, a danceable track written in collaboration with Barrio Lindo. The album was mixed in Mexico by Andres Oddone and mastered in Buenos Aires by Sebastian Cordovan.

Release Date: March 10th, 2017


1.El nogal de las pampas
2.Camino en llamas
3.La memoria del viento
4.Antofagasta de la sierra
5.Lunita ft. Barrio Lindo
7.Gran poder
9.Chukisaka Sublow
10.Sueño de planta

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