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LNDKHN is a brand new label and extension of Madrid based creative collectiveLandikhan, and it promises to be “a thought provoking and artistic space” for like-minded musicians. First up, the label owners links with Caravaca for a new  EP that features remixes from Mathew Styles and SidiRum.

Together Landikhan and Caravaca are the Trueno Club guys who host their own weekly radio show with Ed Is Dead. The former is not just about music and is a collective working in art, video & 3D instalations, while Caravaca’s addition to the project results in a highly addictive musical cocktail.

Opening the account is ‘Icaro’ a deep affair with swirling pads adding a real sense of scale. Icy shakers and hi hats, tumbling hand drums and a prying, menacing bass line all make this a soothing and cerebral track. Dreamy and spiritual yet grounded in reality thanks to some spoken word mutterings, this is a fresh and original sounding cut.

Next up is ‘Persephone’, another deep offering but this time one with plenty of rippling melodies roaming about the mix. Some woodwind drones, organic jungle sounds and female wails all add an exotic and voodooistic feel that help elevate the track way above the average.

Argentinian Nicolas Bruschi is SidiRum, an experienced producer and musician with a wide range of influences who likes to take you on a cinematic and tribal journey. His remix of ‘Persephone’ is super slow and sensuous, with drifting vocal calls, churning drums and floating synth lines all encouraging you to sink deep down into the groove.

Last of all, underground lynchpin Matthew Styles—who ran his own London afterparty, has released on Ostgut and Cocoon and plays venues like Panorama Bar—steps up to add his loveably weird take on things. His version is filled with wonky synths, frazzled textures and brain frying ear worms that cannot fail to grab your attention.
This first EP is a fine statement of intent that suggests this label is to become an essential part of the dance cannon.

Release Date: March 28th, 2017


1.Landikhan & Caravaca – Icaro (original mix)
2.Landikhan & Caravaca – Persephone (Original mix)
3.Landikhan & Caravaca – Persephone (SidiRum expedition)
4.Landikhan & Caravaca – Persephone (Matthew styles remix)

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