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DJ, broadcaster, presenter, teacher, producer, artist: to understand Italy’s premiership house ambassador is to understand a multitude of roles, capacities and crafts. Presenter of Italy’s most popular dance show In The Mix, a firm fixture at Circoloco, a lecturer at Milan’s academically revered Istituto Europeo di Design and so much more… There’s a lot to understand about Lele. Let’s start right here with this debut for Lyase, a release that’s landed with precision timing as it builds on the momentum of key outings on Rebirth, Internasjonal and 20/20 Vision…

In fact ‘Try To Understand Me’ is a direct continuation of Lele’s pristine work on Ralph Lawson’s imprint. Hot on the heels of their track on the ‘New Editions’ collection in September, Lele teams up once again with fellow Italian groove scientist Whitesquare for the title track. A pulsating hypnotic roll-out that flutters and pumps in equal measure – aided neatly but big dubby psychedelic washes – it’s one of those tracks that whisks you deep into your inner psyche with heavy meditative results.

It’s followed by ‘Clima’ a track that raises in heat with every juicy bass lick and synth blast. Chugging with the energy and cool sense of abandon of a track well over 20 years its senior, there’s a great playfulness and euphoria as we thrust into the groove.

Beardstrokers need not apply – this is strictly for DJs and dancefloor who prioritise fun over everything else. Whitesquare clearly has the same priorities with his own remix… And he shows it with a bassline the rips holes in the groove from nowhere, thundering with a tech funk groove that sets your floor up for the biggest meltdown possible on the breakdown.

Finally we hit ‘Neighbours’. Guaranteed to annoy them next door with its volume-insisting energy and personality, it follows another thread in Lele’s successful year; its loose, organic groove and gradual layering and sudden break into total euphoria tipping a nod at his critically received collaboration with indie darlings Blonde Redhead.

A fitting way to end one of his busiest and most exciting years to date: our understanding of Lele is really only just beginning, we can’t wait to see what he delivers next.


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