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Alledged Records warmly welcomes Lendrum & Forte to their ranks with their brand-new EP ‘Voices’.

The two have been making noise in the scene as solo artists for a while now and joined forces on this more than astounding release.

The EP starts off with ‘Voices’. The masterfully crafted vocals lay the foundation of the dark atmosphere ranging throughout the track. They convey a message about electronic music and its creation, crested with a powerful low end, tight percussion and ingenious synths.

The follow-up is Drop’. When this one drops, side effects are undoubtedly pure joy and moving feet. A driving rhythm, big synth work and, in the distinctive manner of Lendrum & Forte, fine-tuned details add up to a secret weapon for every good DJ set.

Pantheon already has many high prestige releases tied to his name. Plays on BBC’s Radio 1 are no rarity for him. The Australian talent transformed the original ‘Voices’ into a vibey house track. Flipping the vibe with a squeaky-clean production and dreamy arps aimed directly at your soul.

The guys from Allatura gave two different directions to the original with their remix. Lush pads and well-crafted effects create a relaxing mood, whereas the punchy bass and moving drums create driving club vibes to get you moving.

Toolroom’s uprising talent Space Jump Salute rounds off the EP in style. Tech house finesse for the books, made for club play and consisting of perfect synergy between drums and groove.

Release Date: May 19th, 2017


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