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Leo Janeiro & Mumbaata are next up on Warung with two fresh new cuts that get remixed by countrymen HNQO and Andre Buljat.

The talented Brazilian pair are really forging ahead in Brazil and have worked together on an EP for D-Edge as well as some killer remixes before now. They pride spiritual melodies and slick percussion highly and these new tracks are slick once again.

Opening up the EP is ‘Solaris’, six deep and sensuous minutes of atmospheric house with lush chords and warm pads all sinking you into the groove. ‘House Feel’ is more upbeat, with driving kicks and wonky synth stabs adding to the slickness. Some colourful chords shapeshift before your very eyes and the whole thing is a richly detailed track with real feeling.

First up to remix is HNQO, the Playperview boss who also works with labels like Hot Creations. His take on ‘Solaris’ is sympathetic, with nice soft chords and rolling beats taking it even deeper. Then Andre Buljat remixes and flips the cut into something more direct and driven, with pinging kicks and squelchy synth sounds.

Release Date: July 17th, 2017


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