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Following on from his EP on Saved Records, London-based DJ and producer Lewis Jimenez has announced his new ‘Modulation’ EP, to be released via Underground Audio.

The opening title track starts off as a dark, rumbling beat that takes you on a journey with spacey synths and subtle vocals, floating in and out of the mix.

Next up is ‘Man on the Moog’, which focuses more on percussive elements with a funky melody bringing it into an intense, synthesized crescendo.

Lastly is ‘Alma’ – ending the EP on a lighter note, it has a minimal feel to it with a melodic bassline and filtered synths echoing throughout. Coupled with the percussive groove and looping vocals, it creates an infectious energy.

Release Date: November 25th, 2016


01.  Modulation
02. Man on the Moog
03. Alma

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