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Great Stuff Recordings starts the new year off a bit deeper with a gorgeous new release by the Montreal based Lex & Wood duo. They delivered two balanced, warm and driving deeper house cuts that will keep dancefloors moving and grooving for many more winter nights to come.

Starting off with ‘DNCE’ which is built on a firm, thick bassline and backed by a rolling groove and stomping kick drum. Filtered vocal snippets, sometimes soaked in delay-effects, provide warmth and depth. Classic and carefree chords keep things moving in the right direction.

Lex & Wood’s second original ‘Make You Feel It’ follows a similar style, although its snappy hi-hat patterns inject it with a whole lot of energy. Fuss-free and straightforward tech-house beats and chords hypnotize and suck us into their groove instantly. Again it’s all about the limbering low frequencies!

Tommy Vercetti and Greco (NYC) both provide their own interpretations of the original tracks in the form of two high quality remixes. They manage to keep the original vibe intact while adding their very own trademark sounds to their versions.

Release Date: January 2nd, 2017


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