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The incredibly talented live-act known as Lost Boy presents to the world a 14-track album; ‘1987’ maintains an indie DIY ethos with raw, melancholic vocals, blended with experimental, electronic nuances. Released on his very own Toronto-based imprint, For the People, ‘1987’ is a well-rounded album, with a laid-back, groovy vibe. Whether you’re buckling in for a road-trip or hosting a late-night soiree, 1987 provides the perfect soundtrack.

Notise‘ is the opening track off the album, and immediately sets the tone for a cool, calm atmosphere. An accordion-like instrument, combined with a whimsical xylophone draws on ethnic-folk music. ‘Sum Beer‘ picks the energy up with its groovy rhythm, while still maintaining a lackadaisical, dreamy mood. ‘Thank-you’ showcases Lost Boy’s emotional side with a wailing guitar and soft, crooning vocals. ‘CIGZ‘ features a strong, indie rock quality with raw, abrasive riffs, drumming and a twinkling tambourine.

nDsco‘ highlights Lost Boy’s expert electronic production skills. With a minimal, disco appeal, this track will pull you into its hypnotic state. A simple, chugging bassline and snare hits create a satisfying groove in ‘Dead Flowers‘. There’s a loopy, synth melody which adds a progressive tone that is offset by quick bursts of percussion. ‘Lakes’ takes us into new territory with its dance-floor vibe. Incorporating autotune effects with a deep house groove, this track is sure to make listeners bounce a bit more.

In Truth‘ is a down-tempo track that provides a subdued mood. Playing with soft melodies and synth-pop effects, this track possesses a hint of Daft Punk.’ JENCUI‘ maintains a soft, haunting quality; it’s an experimental track with obscure, minimal nuances which give it an ‘undercover techno’ appeal.’Sometimes’ masterfully blends indie rock and electronica with a simple synth melody over Lost Boy’s distant vocals.

It’s Gone‘ creates a darker mood. Layers gradually build upon each other; guitar wails, a sequencer produces a cyclical melody and Lost Boy’s vocals sing out, yearning for an unknown. ‘Taimur‘ features raw recordings of Talal’s venture into the desert of Balochistan, Pakistan – the traditional songs of a local performer, the plucking strings, and the crackling fire are matched with ethereal melodies. ‘There Must Be‘ highlights Lost Boy’s raw, emotive vocals. A piano chord cries out a melancholy tune, while the use of reverb creates an outer-worldly aura. As the final and self-titled track, ‘1987’embodies new wave sounds, characteristic of 80’s pop. Its nostalgic tone gives listeners a sense of completion, making it the perfect track to close off the album.

Release Date: January 22th, 2018.


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