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*Olympic Horse’ drops as a pre-release tomorrow with remixes from Supernova, Joeski and Alex Neri, then will be released as part of Luna City Express’ 2nd LP ‘Lunation’ on 18th November.

Lapsus Music is proud to announce the arrival of one of its most important releases so far: Lunation, the brand new second studio album from German pair Luna City Express. Due for release on November 18th 2016, it features 17 tracks of high grade house, disco, downtempo and tech as well as plenty of guest appearances. It plays out like a party in the cosmos and is hugely absorbing from start to finish.

Since 2005, the duo of Marco Resmann and Norman Weber have been turning out definitive club cuts on labels like Moon Harbour and their own Luna City Lab. Known for being inventive and consistent, the Berlin based duo have played all over the world from Circo Loco at DC10 in Ibiza to Watergate Berlin via many places in North and South America, Japan and Australia. Their sound is loosely based in house music but takes it cues and styles for a wide sphere of influence as this new album proves.

Kicking off with ‘Man on the Moon’ the album immediately takes you to another planet with some floating and slow motion hip hop atmospheres. From there things pick up with ‘Victims of the Funk’ featuring Ominous & DoMi, which is a rubbery house cut with great little guitar riffs and steamy vocals. Cuts like ‘Do It’, ‘D.I.Y.A.’ featuring Aaron Palmer and ‘Travelling’ feat Philomena prove how many different styles Luna City Express are experts at: they are full of character and warm grooves and range from deep house and moody to broken beat and beautifully jazz.

Picking up through the likes of the spacious tech grooves of ‘Motherland’ and classic tinged jack sounds of ‘DJ Dynamite’ again featuring Aaron Palmer, the album plays out like a well balanced set with many peaks and troughs. The second half has more stoned hip hop (Downtown Berlin feat Flowing) some gorgeous pianos and loose house drums (Welcome Back) and even some darker drum & bass moments.

Tracks like ‘Monkey City’ and ‘Feel’ featuring Desney Bailey’s emotive vocals prove the pair can go slow and still make a big impact, whilst ‘Smoking Bull’ featuring Matthias Staller and is a bouncy, playful track full of feel good chords and brilliant piano melodies. Closing on the magically atmospheric title track, the LP leaves you hanging in deepest space.

This is a fantastic full length statement that takes you on a real trip and proves Luna City Express have plenty of ideas and more than enough skills to pull them off.

Release Date: October 21st, 2016 and November 18th, 2016 (Full LP)


  1. Man On The Moon
  2. Victims Of The Funk feat. Ominous & DoMi
  3. Do It
  4. D.I.Y.A. feat. Aaron Palmer
  5. Traveling feat. Philomena
  6. Motherland
  7. DJ Dynamite feat. Aaron Palmer
  8. Downtown Berlin feat. Flowing
  9. Welcome Back
  10. Space Bang feat. Desney Bailey
  11. Olympic Horse
  12. The Spirit
  13. Monkey City
  14. Smokin Bull (album Edit)
  15. Feel feat. Desney Bailey
  16. Unity
  17. Lunation
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