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Eyetone returns with 005 which deviates away from the exploratory vibes probed in the previous release which was well received and instead shifts right back with intent for the dance floor.

An EP which is very much a Greek affair, featuring two deep, dubby cuts from LA based Greek producer Maheras and a special extended techno piece by newcomer to the scene Artemis SOY.

Maheras sound spits a hybrid of sounds that range from Dark Techno, groovy disco and soulful house. Expanding his personal style by working under new aliases with talented vocalists and collaborating in projects such as Cazion and Plastic Love, Maheras continues to explore the vast sphere of electronic music without any limits.

Maheras has had forward thinking releases under a host of some of the most renowned labels, notably Crosstown Rebel’s sub­label Rebellion, Supernature and also under the ever growing presence of his own Plastic Love imprint.

Here he provides Eyetone with a further example of a sound you feel is maturing and coming into its own. Both cuts Be a Little Slow, Be a Little Late and I Know have been huge for label owner Demi over the past six months.

Understated yet irresistibly dark and groovy throughout, Maheras provides us with a deep message for the floor that delivers.  The flip side features the debut of newcomer Artemis SOY.

Not much is known at this stage from this artist but he has provided the label with an epic 10 minute left­field, tech workout that combines shades of groove and emotion found in some of the most iconic dance classics.

Taking inspiration from the epic sounds of Carl Craig and the Laurent Garnier classic Acid Eiffel, this is Dances with Wolves.

Release Date: October 3rd, 2016


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